Kerrisdale Senior Singers 1970-2020

50th Anniversary!

The Choir in 1970 was a small group of Seniors who loved to sing. The Seniors Centre did not exist so they practiced in the main Kerrisdale Community Centre under the direction of Dorothy Harford and Pianist, Irene Hope. A “New Horizons Grant” was obtained to buy their dresses and jackets.

The Conductor, Pianists and Choir members are all volunteers who devote their time performing a minimum of 12 concerts a year at Seniors Care facilities and local Community Centres, featuring popular music from the 1900’s. Practices are held in the Kerrisdale Seniors Centre every Thursday since it opened in 1986.

Marilyn Muckle became Musical Director and Conductor in 1990. Membership has grown to over 30. The longest volunteer Pianist was Dorothy (Worthington) Fabian for over 15 years.

Covid-19 stopped all the choirs’ activities, including the 50th Anniversary Celebration planned for the spring of 2020.

Hopefully, the choir will resume all activities and celebrate the 50th “ONE FINE DAY”!

To all our past and present members, and to the choir executive, "KEEP ON SINGING and THANK YOU TO ALL"
Marilyn Muckle
Musical Director & Conductor

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