Room Rentals

Welcome to the Kerrisdale Community Centre. We have many beautiful spaces in which to hold your next meeting or celebration. Some of the uses for the facilities include:


How do you rent a room at the Kerrisdale Community Centre?

Let us know your requirements. If suitable facilities are available, you will be asked to fill in a rental contract and pay a refundable deposit to reserve the space. The total rental fee is due two weeks prior to the rental date.

What equipment is available?

Depending on the number of people and availability, we provide tables, chairs, coffee urns and flip charts(no paper). There is a whiteboard available in most of the rooms as well. Some rooms also have access to kitchen space for an additional fee. Additional equipment needs can be discussed with staff.

Can food and alcohol be served?

Yes. When serving alcohol, a permit must be purchased and a Serving It Right certificate obtained. Due to the City of Vancouver’s by-laws, food cannot be prepared on-site. However, licensed caterers can be used. Prepared food can be kept warm or cold.

External Group?

Are you a charity or not-for-profit organization in our community, wishing to seek free or subsidized space? If so, please submit the online fillable form for consideration Rental Application for External Groups.


Kerrisdale Community Centre has a parking lot on 42nd Avenue which provides direct access to the Senior’s Centre and the Main Centre.

General Questions

Call the front desk at 604-257-8100 ext 1 or email

Community Centre

Room #005
Approx Room Size 24’x18′ | No. of People: 25 | Price $/hr $42.00 | Piano

Room # 013
Approx Room Size 19’x20′ | No. of People 15 | Price $/hr $35.00 | Sink

Room # 014
Approx Room Size 19’x18′ | No. of People 15 | Price $/hr $35.00 | Piano

Room # 015
Approx Room Size 20’x40′ | No. of People 50 | $/hr $58.00 | mirrors

Approx Room Size 60’x40′ | No. of People 100 | $/hr $79.00 | stage

adjacent to room 109 | $/hr $26.50 | stove, fridge

Room #109
Approx Room Size 29’x 46′ | No. of People 70 | $/hr 64.00 | child’s washroom

Room # 217
Approx Room Size 13’x 9′ | No. of People 10 | $/hr $29.50 | piano room

Room # 221
Approx Room Size 38’x 24′ | No. of People 50 | $/hr $58.00 | piano

Room # 222
Approx Room Size 37’x 26′ | No. of People 50 | $/hr $58.00 | mirrors

Room # 226
Approx Room Size 40’x 30′ | No. of People 70 | $/hr $64.00 | child’s washroom

Approx Room Size 50’x 90′ | No. of People 150 | $/hr $42.00 | sports only

Seniors Centre

Approx Room Size 68’x 30′ | No. of People 100 | $79/hour, $499.00/eve | kitchen adjacent

adjacent to Multipurpose room | $/hr $131.50/eve | warming oven and buffet tables

Approx Room Size 27’x 30′ | No. of People 50 | $/hr $50.50 | sink

Approx Room Size 20’x40′ | No. of People 50 | $/hr $50.50 | piano

All rentals are subject to the approval of the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society.
-Prices do include GST.
-Note: Block rate on all rooms – 4 hours gets a $25 discount
-All rentals are subject to the approval of the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society.
-Set-up and take-down of tables etc. must be done by the tenant within the hours of the rental.
-Staff supervision fees of $37.00/hr (min. 2 hrs) are charged on rentals taking place after closing time (10pm Monday to Friday, 7pm Saturday and 5pm Sunday) and must include set-up and take down time.
-A deposit of $75 for small gatherings, or $300 for large parties, is required when booking. This is held as a security deposit and will be refunded within 2 weeks of the rental, less any claims for damage or extra time.
-The KCC Society is required by law to collect SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) fees for all rental groups that play or perform copyrighted music. ($70 with dancing, $35 without dancing).
-The full terms and conditions of the rental are detailed on the back of the Rental Agreement Contract.


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