Kerrisdale Community Centre Society Membership

Membership in the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society – What’s changed?

Now that the Society has signed the new Joint Operating Agreement with the Vancouver Park Board, membership in the Society is no longer required to register for programs and services at the Kerrisdale Community Centre.

When you sign up for a program or event at the Kerrisdale Community Centre, you are entitled to receive a free annual membership in the in Society.  You may opt not to become a member of the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society at this time; you may apply for a membership at any time subsequently. As before, the membership year is September 1 to August 31.

We encourage you to renew your membership in the Society – it’s now free of charge and it’s still important.

When you are a member,

  • You are part of the decision making structure for your community centre and can influence what happens at your community centre.
  • You can raise issues and vote at the Annual General Meeting of the Society, stand for a position on the Board of Directors, and participate on any Board committee: Program, Facilities, Finance, Pool and Arena, Youth, Community Garden, Seniors Council and others.
  • Your interests are used to guide the selection of programs, workshops, speakers, and recreational activities.
  • Having a large number of members — Kerrisdale currently has over 12,000 – allows your Society to speak with authority on behalf of the community and helps us when we apply for grants to support special program initiatives.
  • The Society is able to contact members about interesting new programs and services.

What Else Has Changed?

Because the Society can no longer charge membership fees, which brought in over $100,000 annually, we will now have to charge for programs and services that have previously been free to members.

The new charges will be phased in over the next year.

This is unfortunate, but necessary. The Community Centre Society’s only sources of revenue are program fees and a few grants, and it must cover its overhead costs which will increase significantly with the new Joint Operating Agreement.

Role of the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society at the Centre

The Kerrisdale Community Centre Society, in cooperation with Centre staff, arranges for all the programs and other activities presented by the Centre; it purchases furniture and equipment; it prints and distributes the program brochure in print and on line; and from-time-to-time contributes to the physical upgrading of the facilities.

Direct participation by residents in the running of public recreation facilities is what makes Vancouver’s community centres truly centres of each community.   Be a proud member of the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society and continue to support our Society to ensure excellent programming chosen to meet the needs of our community.

For information about what your Board of Directors is doing, please check the Society bulletin boards in the Centre or go to our website: