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The Kerrisdale Community Centre is the most active centre in Vancouver and provides a wide variety of programs for those of all ages. You probably know that. But are you aware that our success is the result of hard efforts by the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society Board of Directors working in cooperation with the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation?

Each year, members of the Kerrisdale Society elects new Directors to its 19-member board who bring fresh ideas, skills, and enthusiasm at its Annual General Meeting to help expand our programs and further develop our services. In 2021, the AGM will take place on February 17. Those elected will be joining an existing group of dedicated volunteers to help shape our centre’s growth and evolution.

Directors are expected to participate in 10 monthly board meetings each year, at least two committees and volunteer for special projects as needs arise. For most Board members, the time commitment is 6 to 8 hours per month. We particularly seek enthusiastic and energetic people who are familiar with the Kerrisdale community and the programs of the Centre.

Specific skills and experience that would benefit our board over the next several years include strategic planning, web site design and communications as well as professional or managerial experience. We specifically require a candidate with a professional accounting designation. In addition to Directors, the Society seeks volunteers to bring skills and insights to a number of Board committees; the time commitment is less, but the rewards are great.

Prospective candidates must apply at least 10 days prior to our Feb 19 AGM to allow time for an information meeting with members of our Nominations Committee. To be eligible, candidates must have been a member of the Society on or before January 19. Annual Memberships are free and can be obtained on request at the main desk in the centre. The Society is registered under the BC Societies Act; our membership year runs from September 1 to August 31.

Please note that the Nominations Committee may waive the membership and application deadlines for candidates whose skills and experience are particularly relevant to our needs.

Click [here] for additional information and to apply online.


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