Instructor Spotlight: Lai Chun Cheung (Lisa Low)

Say hello to Lai Chun Cheung, a master instructor (or sifu) in tai chi and health qigong. Trained by world-renowned tai chi and health qigong masters from China, Cheung (whose personal name is Lisa Low) has been participating in international health qigong seminars, masters training and World Health Qigong Tournaments for over a decade. Most notably, she won one team and two individual gold medals at the 7th World Health Qigong Tournament held in the Netherlands in 2017 (photo, above).

Recognized across Canada, Cheung is a certified 6th degree master instructor and international judge with the International Health Qigong Federation. She’s also vice-president of its member association, the Canada International Health Qigong Association. Cheung and her husband, Ken Low, are the organizers behind Richmond’s annual Can-Am International Championships.

Teaching at Lower Mainland community centres since 2012, Cheung brings her expertise to the Kerrisdale Community Centre this winter. Click the links below to sign up and learn with a master!
Tai Chi 24
Tai Chi 24 & Health Qigong
Tai Chi 32 Movement Straight Sword
Tai Chi Fan


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