Heavy Lifter

Only 17 years old, Roger Kong already has a lot of notches on his powerlifting belt. Since he began training during the pandemic, the Kerrisdale resident has consistently landed in the top four spots at provincial, national and international competitions. Most recently, he placed fourth in bench press and 13th overall at the 2023 IPF World Classic and Equipped Sub-Junior and Junior Championships in Romania (photo, here and above). 

Dividing his 15 hours of weekly training between home and the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society’s Exercise Room, Kong looks to himself for motivation. “When I feel stuck in competition prep, I typically reflect on how I endured and conquered hardships in the past, which inspires me to work even harder and push through whatever I’m dealing with,” says the Point Grey Secondary senior.

First visiting the centre as a three-year-old at the Little Owls Preschool and later taking basketball, swimming and First Aid programs while also volunteering, Kong says: “I’ve lived my whole life in the Kerrisdale neighbourhood, and the community centre has some of the kindest and most supportive people I’ve met.”

Looking ahead, the teen plans to pursue science at university and more powerlifting in the last year of his age category. “I will be looking to make the most of it, hopefully making Team Canada once again at the 2024 Western Canadian Championships and competing internationally.”

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