Community Needs Assessment Project 2016-2018

Community Needs Assessment Project 2016-2018

In 2015, the Board of the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society (KCCS) launched a community needs assessment (CNA) to identify new and continuing community requirements for programs, services, activities, and policies to support the Society’s goal of serving the Kerrisdale community. The last such assessment was conducted in 2005 by a consulting firm. Topics identified for study included:

  • Demographic and socio-economic trends in the Kerrisdale community
  • KCCS membership / patron profile
  • The sorts of programs are patrons looking for and how best to deliver them.
  • The extent to which KCC facilities are attractive to patrons and meet patrons’ expectations.
  • Effectiveness of current communication and information flow between KCCS and its patrons.

Click here to read the final report (May 2019)


  1. Patron Surveys – 178kb
  2. Full Report of Patron Survey Findings – 157kb
  3. Full Report of Pilot Survey of Former Society Members – 318kb
  4. Full Report of Review of 2005 Recommendations – 129kb

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