When Kerrisdale ROCKED!

When Kerrisdale ROCKED!

Built in 1949, the Kerrisdale Arena has offered a host of recreational options to the community from skating lessons, roller derby and ice hockey games to concerts by some of the most influential musicians of our time. In 1956, Bill Haley & the Comets ROCKED Vancouver at the Kerrisdale Arena and by the mid 80’s the venue emerged as the mecca for the alternative music scene with the likes of The Clash, Peter Tosh, Motorhead, Devo, Frank Zappa and their fans pushing the boundaries of the  “well heeled” establishment.

The Arena Rocks project is currently on permanent display in the lobby of the Kerrisdale Arena. Check out for the stories and personal memories contributed by the very people who has made this project possible by telling their own stories in their own words. 

So next time you make your way down to Cyclone Taylor Arena for a skate at 5670 East Boulevard, set yourself down on the creative lounges and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of a variety of memorabilia recreated through video, photographs, voice recordings and memories of the last 60 plus years. You won’t see the Kerrisdale Arena quite the same again thanks to artists Lisa G. Nielsen and Rene Cherrie who were commissioned through the Artist in Residence Project, which was made possible by the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society and the City of Vancouver.

Alternatively, you can view the 35 minute movie here on YouTube and feel free to comment and/or share with those you love — Enjoy!

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