Social Isolation Gallery

During these unprecedented times, some members of our community have turned to creative expression to interpret the new norms we are living with. Share with us how you and your family are coping with “social isolation during COVID19?”

Send us  your drawings, poems, paintings, photos or any other forms of media to feature here, in our new virtual gallery. Open to all ages for our worldwide community!

Let us know if, and how, you would like to be identified.


Check out these amazing murals I discovered "on my walk" around Gastown & Downtown before they are taken down as stores start to reopen. These unique pieces of art are a social commentary of the sign of our times. #makeartwhileapart #ourgastown @vanmuralfest @plywoodproject
Roxanne H.
Vancouver | May 15, 2020



Corona Times by Rhea R. (Aged 12, Vancouver)

Illustration showcases the two sides of the virus… mild for some and deadly for others.

Corona Devi by Leela R. (Aged 15, Vancouver)

Maya S. 9yrs

 Things are going to be okay | Ça va bien aller by Maya S. (Aged 9, Vancouver)

Thank you Nurses - Kiki

Thank You Nurses by Kiki O. (Aged 9, Vancouver)

Vancouver Walk - Rohini

Celebrating a birthday walk-by in pandemic times. (Inspired by illustrations from “Goodnight Vancouver” by David J. Adams & Anne Rosen).

Vancouver by Rohini S. (Freelance Designer/Mum, Vancouver) 


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