In September 2020 the Kerrisdale Seniors’ Centre lunch service was reactivated. 

In order to comply with COVID-19 restrictions, we offered a combination of dine-in lunches (maximum 32 people per seating) and take-out lunches (maximum 50 participants) for seniors over age 55. Unfortunately, September, October and November participation in the combined services averaged less than 30 per day. The Society has committed to continuing this service through December 23rd. However, due to costs and COVID-19 restrictions that preclude the desirable social objectives of the program, the Board of Directors has cancelled this service for the winter 2021 season.

We hope to resume the lunch service in April 2021 or sooner if conditions allow.



  1. My Mom , May McDonell [ a regular] and I, really enjoyed our Chicken Wellington lunch and plan to return soon. Thanks so much to the friendly staff and fine chefs!

    1. Hi James

      Thank you for the fine feedback about your dining experience at Kerrisdale. We hope to see you back at the centre soon as it will be closing for the winter (see President’s Winter Report) under latest news. We will be celebrating the holidays with a festive menu starting next week and some treats from Dec 21-23. Please come back once Covid-19 has passed because Betty & staff and the team of volunteers miss all you patrons dearly. Stay safe and happy holidays!

  2. Emails should have been sent out to advertise the cafeteria had reopened. I only found out by accident in Nov when I stopped by. Very disappointed in this decision as safety protocols were excellent and many regular patrons will not be eating properly now.

    1. Hi Lori

      Thank you for the note regarding the seniors lunch program. The Society has made significant effort to keep local seniors aware of this program. During the first several months of Covid, when the lunch service was shut down, our Food Coordinator (Betty) was kept employed with the main task of telephoning those seniors who had registered for the lunch service. When lunch service reopened and these call stopped she was working on the third round of calls. Seniors were kept aware of the status of the lunch program. Food shortages were not a major complaint of those she talked with – isolation and loneliness were. When the lunch program reopened it was promoted, along with bi-weekly menus, on the website. The Society also included information on the lunch program in our eNewsletter.

      Unfortunately, the lunch service between September and December was not well attended (even with the take out option). Local seniors are very apprehensive about contact outside of their personal bubble. More so, Covid-19 restrictions did not allow for the socializing that seniors craved. With low participation, and the inability for seniors to socialize we have reached the conclusion that the lunch service would not be offered during the winter session. Once restrictions on dining are relaxed, with some socializing permitted, we will again be providing the seniors lunch service.

    1. Hi Grace & Esther

      Thanks for your enquiry. The lunch program will resume on Sept 15 (11:30am-1:00pm Mon-Sat) take out is still available. Pre-registration not required. Payment at the front desk or 10 visit meal card.

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