Preschool Summer Camps

Preschool Summer Camps starting July 8

Spanish Preschoolers El Rey Leon (The Lion King) 3-5 yrs

Learn about the jungle animals, their names, colours and adjectives. We will make crafts and read stories while we take an imaginary trip to the jungle. On the last day we will have a safari picnic in the park. Children do not need to have previous Spanish language knowledge in order to attend. Parent/Care-giver participation is required.
M-F 9:00 am-12:00 pm Jul 08-Jul 12
222833 $135/5 sess REGISTER HERE
Instructor: Yolanda Korompai

My First Dance Class Camp 2-4 yrs

An introduction to creative dance. Aspiring little dancers will use songs, movement explorations and games to explore coordination, rhythm, spatial awareness and cooperation. This class for the youngest of dancers to experience a playful class with the support of their parents being present.
M-F 9:30 am-10:15 am Jul 08-Jul 12
223134 $45/5 sess REGISTER HERE

Little Ballerinas Dance Camp 3-5 yrs

Young ballerinas explore the fun and beauty of ballet. They will love playing with their creative expression in this fun class. Children must be able to participate without a parent in the room. There will be a presentation for parents/family on the last day of camp.
M-F 10:15 am-11:00 am Jul 08-Jul 12
223141 $45/5 sess REGISTER HERE

Jazz/Ballet Dance Camp 3-5 yrs

In this camp children will learn a variety of ballet exercises as well as the basic fundamentals of jazz dance while developing their own creative expression. They will jump and turn with delight in this fun and high energy class. This is a closed class, however, in the final day of camp we invite parents to stay for a presentation of what we have been learning.
M-F 11:00 am-12:00 pm Jul 08-Jul 12
223147 $50/5 sess REGISTER HERE

Hip Hop Breakers Dance Camp 4-5 yrs

Calling all b-boys and girls! Let’s move and groove! This non-stop action-packed class includes hip hop, basic breakdancing, and dance games that will have your dancer moving to the beats. Through the week we will work on a choreographed dance which will be showcased on the final day of the camp for friends and family. Get ready to cheer with gusto! Please bring a water bottle and small snack each day.
M-F 1:00 pm-2:00 pm Jul 08-Jul 12
223154 $50/5 sess REGISTER HERE


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