Kerrisdale Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness (KEEP) Meetings

Kerrisdale Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness (KEEP)

All Ages
KEEP is a community-led volunteer initiative to increase Kerrisdale community capacity, and build collaborative readiness to address earthquakes and other urgent situations of vulnerability. Free workshops will be held on the third Tuesday of each month. To join or inquire about more information, please email:

Tu     6:30 PM-8:30 PM    FREE

Individual & Family: Apr 16
Community Asset Mapping: May 21

Below the pictures show Our first KEEP meeting was well attended by 25 people interested in learning more about community-level earthquake preparedness.

The table-top exercise was well organized thanks to the DEEP leader Ann and her associates, KEEP leaders Pat & Teresa, and Kerrisdale Community Centre members.

The next meeting is March 19, 6:30pm. Join us!


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