Youth Leaders Program Application

Kerrisdale Community Centre Youth Leaders Program Application Form

Please note: Successful applicants will be expected to attend weekly meetings.


Youth Representatives periodically sit in on the Youth Committee Board meetings to discuss the current interests and progress of the Youth Leaders and/or issues or concerns that may have recently arisen. Youth Representatives are expected to attend Committee meetings every 1 to 2 months on Tuesday nights at 7:00PM.
I give permission for a Kerrisdale Community Centre staff person or instructor to take a photo, or photos of my child participating in program activities. I understand that this photo, or these photos, may be used by the community centre for promotional purposes including on program displays, in brochures, on our website, and for other marketing purposes by the Kerrisdale Community Centre or Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation. These photos may be archived for future use.
and I fully agree to and support his/her participation in the Kerrisdale Community Centre – Youth Leaders Program.
In case of emergency, please contact: