Online Classes

Online Classes

View your online classes on Kerrisdale Community Centre’s Thinkific page.

How do I register for an online program?

When you click “register for a program,” you will be brought to a new web browser and asked to create a new account with Thinkific.

If you are a returning student registering for another class, you will still be brought to the Thinkific registration platform. Instead of creating a new account, click on “I already have an account” and use the username/password you used to originally create the account.

If you are new online program registrant, you must create a Kerrisdale Thinkific account.

Please remember your username/password for future online classes registration. After creating an account and agreeing to the terms and conditions you will be brought to the checkout.

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Are Active Net and Thinkific different?

Many students wondered why they had to open an account in Thinkific, the online program platform, when they already had an ActiveNet account that they used for in-person programs at Kerrisdale. The explanation is a bit complicated, but essentially it is because ActiveNet is a City of Vancouver registration software and the City requires that all programs listed on ActiveNet must be organized by City of Vancouver staff – the programmers.  Kerrisdale’s online programs are managed entirely by the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society.

Now that I’ve registered, how do I access my online courses?

You must have already purchased a program with Kerrisdale and created a Thinkific account to access your programs.

To access your online courses, go to To log in, please use the Kerrisdale Thinkific account (username/password) that you created.

Once logged in, you can find your courses by clicking “my dashboard” on the top right of the webpage. Click on the program you are taking to view the full course description, class schedule and live lesson section located on the left-hand side. 

Clicking the “live lessons” section, will either mention the instructor will be in contact with you or have the meeting link to attend your class. To attend, click on the link on the day and time of your online class, and click any of the following that apply (launch meeting, join meeting, open Zoom meetings) to attend your class.

If you require extra support or have any questions about online programming, please email Do not telephone the community centre.