Instructor Spotlight: Ginny Chiu

After volunteering in an elementary classroom while in high school, and encouraged by her mentors, Ginny Chiu knew she wanted to pursue a career in education.
“Almost everything we do revolves around some form of reading and writing, so teaching students to read, write and think critically is an important skill set to have – not only in school, but in life,” says Chiu, who has both a BA in English and BEd from UBC.

Teaching creative writing summer camps, phonics and kindergarten prep at the Kerrisdale Community Centre for almost two years, Chiu has also instructed middle year, high school and adult learners.

“Regardless of which age group I teach, my main objective is to have students enjoy the process of learning and have a growth mindset to improve and build on what they learn,” says Chiu, who also tutors and writes blogs via her Ready to Set Goals website.

On her experience so far at the Kerrisdale Community Centre, she adds, “it’s always rewarding to see the reactions of preschoolers when they put sounds together to form words.

“It’s also satisfying to have students tell me they enjoy writing more and want to write stories and share them with me. It’s the best when students learn to love learning!”

Outside of the classroom, you can find Chiu frequenting Kerrisdale’s many restaurants and shops, as well as the rink and library (see photo below). Growing up in the neighbourhood, she now resides in the Oakridge area with her family. With her three children involved in sports, she and her husband jokingly call themselves “Chiuber” as they’re always driving to a practice or game.

Ginny Chiu’s summer classes are filling up fast, but there were still a few spots left at press time. Check them out here:
• Ready to Write (10-13 years)
• Journey into Creative Writing (8-10 years) FULL: Waiting list registration open.
• Journey into Creative Writing (10-13 years)

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