‘Wooing’ the Younger Generation

Below is a profile on Kerrisdale Community Centre Society Board Member Melissa Woo. This is one segment of a special profile series on our community centre patrons and our volunteer Board Members.

Melissa Woo is a dynamo. She might be slight in size and gentle in demeanour, but in reality, she is a full of ideas and energy – and has the ability to get things done. The youngest and newest member of the Kerrisdale Board, Melissa is a recent high school graduate who is now attending UBC. She is on a mission: To engage a specific, younger demographic to become members of the Kerrisdale Community Centre. She explained: “I noticed that there are quite a few young children, there are young families, and there are seniors – but not as many youth and young adults. I want to encourage more people in my age group to check out the community centre and see what it has to offer them – and what they can bring to their community.”

Melissa, who is Co-Chair of the Youth Committee and sits on the Marketing and Communications Committee, explained that while being on the Board takes a great deal of time and effort, she feels that it is completely worth it. “There are many resources and so many things for young people to do here – programs, the gym and fitness classes. I would like to make sure that youth and young adults know what is available to them.” She added: “I didn’t know until I began to volunteer here, and I hope I can make sure that more young people don’t miss out like I did.”

Recently, Melissa provided the Board with a social media workshop and was instrumental in setting up the Kerrisdale Community Centre’s Instagram account. She also wants to introduce a zero-waste theme here. Melissa says she is seeing some great response from the Board Members. “As much as I learn from them, they are really into learning from me too. It is a great combination of knowledge.”

With her strategic mind, inclusive approach and never-ending energy, Melissa brings an interesting and dynamic new perspective to Kerrisdale Community Centre!

What Melissa Wants the Park Board to Know

As a new Board Member, Melissa said: “I don’t have a specific message for the Park Board, but what I want everyone to know is that the Kerrisdale Community Centre is a vibrant, busy place. I encourage everyone, from young people to the Park Board, to take some time and learn about what actually goes on in the community centre and how much it brings to the people (of all ages) in the neighbourhood.”