Virtual Kerrisdale

Are you missing your favourite Kerrisdale instructors?  They miss you too. 

Here’s how you can connect with some of our popular instructors while we wait for the City to reopen our community centre.

Disclaimer: The Kerrisdale Community Centre Society is posting these programs on Virtual Kerrisdale as a service to the community and our instructors during this difficult time. While the instructors are known to us through regular centre programming, the Society does not assess their current online or social distancing  programs offered. Any related financial transactions are between the instructor and the student. Enjoy!

50 UP! with Joyce Resin

Joyce Resin is a dynamic and engaging Third Age and osteoporosis certified BCRPA fitness instructor who has been teaching since 1976. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her classes and has taught Flexercize and 50 Up at the Kerrisdale Community Centre for many years.

Joyce was the Director of the Healthy Heart Society of BC and Executive Director of Impact BC, a health improvement agency. She was also the host and Executive Producer of the CBC network television program “Alive! The Picture of Health” and host of “The Best Years”,
Canada’s first television program for people over 50. She is  a Director of the Canadian Frailty Network, a national Centre of Excellence to improve the health and care of older adults living with frailty.

ABM NEUROMOVEMENT®  to better your wellbeing (Kids to Seniors)

ABM NEUROMOVEMEN® is an evidence based, neuroplastic approach to healing chronic pain, injury, brain and body trauma. Build new neural pathways through gentle movement and painlessly rewire the brain to move beyond limitations, decrease stress and anxiety, improve cognition and experience overall higher performance.  There are mat-based classes starting in September designed for Adults (focus on healthy back, necks and shoulders),  a mat-based Kids class and a chair class for Seniors. Try the first class for FREE!

Go to or email  for more info.

BRICKS 4 KIDZ – Virtual Brick Building

Join us for guided building from home!  Our instructor will walk participants step by step through the model of the day.  Sessions will be scheduled for 60 minutes but please be aware that the time may be extended if necessary.  

Parents will be provided with a list of necessary LEGO bricks; please prepare the required bricks before the start of the workshop.  When preparing bricks color does NOT matter as long as the bricks are the same shape and size provided that students understand their creations may not look exactly like the illustrated picture.  To register please visit our website.



The unique Callanetics exercise method promotes deep muscle tone throughout the entire body increasing flexibility, strength and improving posture. Using a combination of mat work and ballet bar work, precise positioning and tiny movements, Callanetics exercises tighten, tone and lift muscles fast. You lose inches and you feel great!

Instructor Linda Shedden is teaching online Callanetics classes via Zoom during these current times. Contact Linda if you’re interested in taking Callanetics via Zoom or check out her website here.


Andréa Minden is certified as a “TESL Course Certificate instructor” (Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language/ESL Language Instructor), UBC Faculty of Education. She is offering private, one-to-one coaching/tutoring in conversational English as an additional language online via Facetime, Skype or Zoom.

Gain confidence speaking and pronouncing words/phrases of the English language.  Increase your skills in conversational English. Work at your own pace. All levels welcome. 

For more information about times, dates and fees or to register for online private coaching, please contact Andréa via her website.

Fitness Ali


Ali is offering classes livestream online through Zoom 6 days a week!

Join her for Stretch & Relax, Pilates, Core Connection, Foam/Ball Rolling, Weights Class and Zumba. Check out her schedule and website here

Register online with e-transfer or PayPal. Feel free to contact her with any questions at 604-618-0053 or by email

Hope to “see” you soon!

FITNESS with Meg Todd:

Join Meg’s fitness classes online via Zoom here. 

Her outdoor Total Body Conditioning (TBC) & Stretch classes in Centennial Park was so well received that more classes are scheduled from Sept 14 – Oct 9 on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 9am-10am. See our homepage for registration details.

FLUTE LESSONS with Andréa Minden, B.Mus. UBC:

Andréa is now offering private flute lessons online via Facetime, Skype or Zoom.

Andréa, an accomplished classically trained flute teacher, delights in helping students improve their skills and musical confidence. All levels welcome. Age range: 6 years old to 90 years. Enjoy learning at your own pace.

For more information on times, dates and fees or to register for private online flute lessons, please visit her website.


GAME READY – Fast & Fit Kids:

The focus of Game Ready programs are to ensure kids are developing skills that will be a benefit in all sports and activities.  Coach Dino Geremia invites kids to take part in free workout videos for children and youth with high profile coaches every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 3:00 pm click here to view.

KARATE – Butokukan Canada:

We are reaching out to all our students and currently working on a virtual solution to allow us to meet for training tips, and Martial Arts related questions.

Students and parents with questions may reach Sensei Harry for details.

Kid reading

Let’s Boost Reading – One to One Reading Out Loud:

30 minute weekly classes , to be held via Zoom.

Student must be at least 6 yrs old , have completed grade one, and be younger than 8 years old.
Reading material will be selected by the student and it  is recommended that an online reading app might be a suitable option for shared virtual reading.
Contact Martha Guss (One to One Literacy/Mentoring) for further information.
Mad Science

MAD SCIENCE – for Preschoolers:

Virtual Summer and Vacation Camps through Zoom will begin July 29 and will give children an opportunity to learn about science and do experiments from home. Learn more  about our online programs from our website here.

Additionally, we have partnered with Solaro, an online tutoring organisation that provides thousands of online practice questions and tests for students in grades 3 to 12, with a focus on Math, English and Science.  Use promo code VIRTUALVAN to save 25% off a subscription.

MUSIC TOGETHER – Online Classes: (Families with children newborn to 5 yrs+)

  1. Since Music Together’s inception over 30 years ago, the utmost value has been placed on in-person, community-oriented music classes. We believe that is the best way to experience music…TOGETHER! However, we now find ourselves in an unprecedented time where we are being asked to stay home for the safety of others around us.Let us continue to bring The Joy of Family Music® making into your living room, while keeping the ‘together’ in Music Together. We offer weekly interactive Music Together classes on Zoom with supporting videos and the current CD and Songbook! Registration is open for the Summer term. Visit us here for details, cost and registration. 
  2. For those who have taken Music Together before, there’s a Music Together Alumni Families Facebook Group for Sing Alongs and Mini Class videos. 
  3. Check out our free sing along videos and fun music posts for everyone via the West Side Music Together Facebook Page


Join Tomorrow’s Playground ONLINE for our exciting Stem-based and creative programs.
Create your own Mini-Movie with Brick Animation, or your own Webtoon with Comic Adventures, using your favorite LEGO Minifigures and LEGO Elements! Then share your Mini-Movies and Webtoons with your family and friends!
Switch gears with our exciting stem-based Robotics programs with LEGO Boost and EV3 MINDSTORMS! For more details and information, including a schedule of our programs, dates, and times, please visit our website.
Gerard Satamian

THE OPERA ZONE – Welcome opera lovers!

Gerard Satamian has prepared a series of videos, mostly singers and instrumentalists that have performed in past “live” Opera Zone concerts at the Kerrisdale Community Centre. Additionally, he has included balcony songs from his home in Vancouver where he has been performing every day at 7 pm as a “thank you” to our essential and healthcare workers. 

Sit back, enjoy and share these recordings, which we will bring you each month until the centre re-opens here.

“We hope it won’t be too long before we get together again, on the first Sunday of the month to perform live at the Kerrisdale Community Centre – Gerard.”

SPANISH Classes for Adults:

Instructor Eliana Rolando is offering one-on-one and also group Spanish classes online. Contact Eliana for more information.

TAP for Beginners:

Instructor of the Tap Happy program, Beryl Israel, has posted some YouTube links to help you continue tapping, learning and revising steps.

Bonnie Franklins  I Hate to Exercise, I Love to Tap
An excellent teacher — good revision of steps plus some routines. Move at your own pace, mastering each section as best you can rewinding and fast forwarding to revise, etc. Remember heel beats can be substituted for hops.
Her teaching and intros are very clear. Many steps are listed.. select those you want to learn …enjoy!
Google Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Gregory Hines, Sammy Davis Jr, Nicholas Brothers, 42nd Street etc, for  fun, inspiration and relaxation!

TUTOR EXPRESS for Kids 5-12 yrs online

Abacus Math: Abacus Math learning has been popular in the last few decades which is well known for improving children attentiveness, spatial imagination and self-confidence, leading to better arithmetic skills, reasoning & responsiveness and higher visual & tactic ability.  Students will learn to apply the Abacus concept to facilitate the integration of their left and right brains, instead of the traditional way of strict memorization, to solve mathematical arithmetics in their daily lives and school works. 

Olympiad Math: Olympiad Math is a way of comprehensive training to students applying mathematical logic together with analysis on graphics, shape, color, size, weight and distance on problem-solving.  It is effective to improve children’s communication and logical thinking. Through Olympiad Math,  children can develop their ability and confidence in calculations.  It also trains up children’s observation, attentiveness, logical thinking and innovation. 

Online Coding Class (Scratch 3.0): Are your children interested to learn coding with Scratch?  Scratch 3.0 is good for kids to learn the basics of coding.  It helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century.  In this course, I will teach them how to create their own games, storyboards and animations — and share their creations with others in the online community.  

Email : Mr. Paul (Math and Coding Tutor) | WhatsApp 604-720-7925 for a FREE trial class.  Visit our website for more information on scheduled classes, fees and registration.


Instructor Joseph Young  has provided links to some YouTube ukulele teachers that he thinks do an excellent job.  Here are a few of Joe’s favourite online resources:

  • Ukulele Zen – Stu Fuchs takes a gentle and thorough approach to a variety of styles and difficulty levels.  Joe’s personal top choice.  
  • The Ukulele Teacher – not as technique focused as Ukulele Zen, but he has a huge catalogue of guided play-a-longs that are super fun.  
  • Cynthia Lin – another great teacher with lots of material to explore.  

YOGA with Barbara McDonald:

Barbara has been a BCRPA certified instructor for over 20 years in Group Fitness, Third Age and Osteofit. Currently she holds certification in three yoga disciplines and Pilates.  Working also as a spa practitioner in massage, her extensive anatomy knowledge translates to her teaching style where she works to educate participants in the proper way to cue their bodies to achieve movement with less effort and more ease and to counteract the general mentality that a stiff body needs to stretch! 

Barbara focuses on correct posture and alignment to help reduce many of the physical stresses in the body – encouraging a proactive approach to movement. She aims to improve overall motor skills and improve general physical well-being. For enquires call 604-263-4282 or email.


GENTLE YOGA: Sundays on Zoom

Join experienced Yoga Teacher, Farah Nazarali, for a gentle yoga class on Zoom. This class includes 30 minutes of gentle stretches done lying down and seated and 20 minutes of standing poses. Due to the gentle nature of the movements and stretches and the emphasis on deep breathing, this class is suitable for people new to yoga, beginner yoga students, and seniors.
Farah, has been teaching yoga for over 14 years and loves to teach beginners. She is a well-loved teacher who likes to inspire and encourage students to use yoga and yogic practices to achieve optimal health on all levels- physical, mental, and emotional.
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