A Ray of Sunshine and Inspiration

An inspirational person who is full of happiness and joy, Nora Hinton started coming to the community centre 15 years ago, after she had a stroke. She believes that the Kerrisdale Community Centre played a big part in her recovery. With her caregiver, Anita, Nora visits the community centre at least once a day, and her sunny disposition and quick smile have become well-known here. Nora has taken pottery classes (which she loves!), swims, goes to the gym, and spends lots of time in the library (another favourite thing to do).

Nora explained that she really likes to stop and look at the jewellery and other items for sale near the Seniors Centre coffee shop and always looks forward to stopping to chat with the many friends she has made. Said Nora: “The community centre is a place where I always feel welcome and safe. Everyone knows us here – and they always stop to say hi and ask how I am doing. The community centre is very important to me and so many others here. It is a part of our lives and we love it.”

What Nora Wants the Park Board to Know

“People are so friendly here and the community centre matters to me. I don’t want it to change. I think the Park Board should leave it alone. This is a special place and I love it here – just like it is!”