Meet the KCCS Board of Directors

Welcome new board members!

Congratulation to all the Board members elected at our recent AGM on February 16, especially our newest Board members:

2022-23 KCCS Elected Directors

  • Miran Aziz

  • Claire Cheung

  • Rafid Haq

  • Wendy Ma

  • Kevin Pohlmann

I am looking forward to working with the new Board in the upcoming year and would like to thank everyone involved in the planning and implementation of our successful AGM on Zoom. It went very well with only a few minor problems. 

Also, a special thanks to our VIPs in attendance, Park Board Commissioner John Irwin and Manager of Recreation Services at the City of Vancouver, Susan Mele, who swore in the twelve (pictured above), seven incumbents and five new directors, elected for the coming year to complete the eighteen member Board of the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society (KCCS).

Finally,  I would also like to acknowledge the dedication and hard work done by the retiring Board members:

  • Adam Dipinto
  • David Eaton (Director since 2012)
  • Robert Lockhart (Director since 2011)
  • Val Themens
  • Emma Vinnitsky

Thank you

Kathy McKay, 

Kathy McKay Signature

Kerrisdale Community Centre Society (KCCS)


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