Kerrisdale Community Centre is Life-Changing

Just back from an active vacation in the UK and Croatia, Janet Polonijo immediately credited the Kerrisdale Community Centre with helping her to take that type of holiday. “I have a personal trainer and am in the exercise room several times a week,” she explained. “Being able to work out here has been instrumental in keeping me fit and healthy – and getting me to a point where I can take a vacation that includes being very active – hiking, cycling and walking.” Janet has slowly worked her way up to leg pressing 400 pounds. “Not bad for a senior!” she quipped.

Her husband, Joe, also goes to the centre to work out a couple of times per week. He recently got a new hip and she said that going to the centre has helped him to get stronger after the surgery. In fact, she laughed, they go together on Tuesdays and Thursdays, saying: “It’s like a date.”

Janet says that she has made many good friends at the community centre. She said: “You can’t walk in here without someone stopping to talk to you. The classes and programs are really good and are important, but the social exchanges and connections are at the heart of this place. It is so good for our community – and it spills out into the neighbourhood.”

What Janet Wants the Park Board to Know

“There are so many of us who count on the community centre on a daily basis. I want the Park Board to know how important this place is to so many people. We are always made to feel like we belong. We are improving our lives here because the people who volunteer and work here know us and know what we need – as a community. This is working. We don’t want you to change it.”