KEEP Workshops 2020 – Are You Ready!?

VECTOR Ham Radio Testing and Demonstration

KEEP (Kerrisdale Earthquake & Emergency Preparedness) Workshop – All Ages

Come watch VECTOR Ham Radio operators test out our new emergency Ham Radio they built for Kerrisdale! They will be happy to answer your Ham Radio questions and maybe even let you give this one a try!
Sa 2:00 pm-4:00 pm Mar 07 | Drop-in – FREE
Venue: Kerrisdale CC Seniors Centre Lobby



Neighbourhood Disaster Readiness Workshop for Leaders

Authorities repeatedly warn us that in the event of a major disaster or emergency (prolonged power outages, massive fires, severe weather events, floods, chemical accidents, floods, earthquakes, security incidents, etc.), professional 1st responders are unlikely to be available to help in the first hours, days and maybe weeks afterwards. How will you, your household, and neighbours survive? What if the key to your or your loved ones’ comfort and survival isn’t just what you know and have, but what your neighbours do as well? Neighbours who are prepared and have a plan to quickly work together in teams can significantly lessen the loss of life and property, and reduce injuries and panic. And their neighbourhood is most likely one of the ones that can return to normal as soon as possible.
Tu 7:00 – 9:00 pm Mar 10 | Drop-in – FREE
Tu 7:00 – 9:00 pm Mar 24 | Drop-in – FREE
Venue: Kerrisdale Community Centre


Map Your Neighbourhood (MYN) Training for Leaders

If you would like to learn a simple, proven process to lead the process of getting your neighbours organized and prepared, plan on attending one of the free Map Your Neighbourhood Training for Leaders workshops put on by KEEP (Kerrisdale Earthquake & Emergency Preparedness). Only one or two committed people per block, strata or Blockwatch please as seating is limited.
Session 1: MYN Leadership Training for Detached House, Duplex, Townhouse Neighbourhood Groups
Tu 7:00 – 9:00 pm Mar 10 

Session 2: MYN Leadership Training for Multi-Unit Low-Rise and High-Rise Condos/Apartments Neighbourhood Groups
Tu 7:00 – 9:00 pm Mar 24 
Venue: Kerrisdale Community Centre

Registration: To register, send an email to with your name, neighbourhood (block and street, name of complex if applicable), number (maximum 2) attending, and which session you want to register for.

*** Please bring a donation of $2, to help cover the cost of printing the booklet. Also, bring a pen/pencil and paper for note-taking.



Kerrisdale Business Emergency Preparedness and Resilience Working Group 

Kerrisdale BEPR is a group of local business representatives interested in developing strategies, training and other resources designed to help Kerrisdale businesses, their employees, and the community at large be better prepared for a disaster or emergency. BEPR’s second meeting will be at the end of March. Businesses interested in joining BEPR (no experience necessary) or being on the BEPR mailing list should contact KEEP at



NEPP (Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program) Instructors Opportunity

Interested in teaching the Kerrisdale and Vancouver residents how to be prepared for emergencies and disasters? If yes – learn how you can become part of the Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Team.  As a NEPP Volunteer, you will be teaching groups how to be prepared for whatever disaster comes their way. Training is provided.  Join us on April 2, 2020 at 6:30 pm at Kerrisdale Community Centre to learn more about how you can take on this exciting opportunity. Email for more info or to register.



Business Emergency Preparedness Workshop

Kerrisdale BEPR and KEEP are planning a Business Emergency Preparedness Workshop for the end of May/beginning of June. Interested businesses should contact KEEP at



Kerrisdale Disaster Support Hub

KEEP, the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society, and the Kerrisdale Business Association are working towards obtaining a shipping container and supplies to act as the Kerrisdale Disaster Support Hub. More information to follow.



Disaster Support Hub Exercise

KEEP will be hosting a Disaster Support Hub Exercise in the late summer/ early fall. Join the KEEP mailing list to be kept informed. Email

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