Are you interested in becoming more involved in the
Kerrisdale Community Centre Society?

Our AGM will be on February 19, 2020. As a member of the Society, you are invited to apply to become a Director and we look forward to your participation. Applications are due by February 8, 2020 to allow adequate time for a meeting with the Nominating Committee.

For More Information

Apply Online: become-a-director-of-kccs 

Pick Up: An application form from the main reception desk or

Email: Alison at


Each year at the February Annual General Meeting (AGM), the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society (KCCS) holds an election to select Directors of the Society for the coming year.   


The Board of Directors is composed of Kerrisdale Community Centre Society members.  You are a member of the Society if you hold a valid Kerrisdale Community Centre membership. The Board is made up of 18 elected members. 


The Board determines the budget, directs programming, sets policies regarding operations at the Centre and responds to the Park Board and other community initiatives. The Board meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm in the Centre.  


Board members are asked to sit on at least two standing or ad hoc committees of the Board along with other members of the Society.  Committee meetings are where the more detailed work of the Society is done.  Meeting frequency ranges from monthly to as needed depending on the Committee.


Joining the Board allows you to learn about the inner workings of the Community Centre and influence its management, direction, and scope.  It provides a hands-on, skill building experience.  It is a concrete way to contribute to the community and meet new people.

It is your Community Centre — participate and make a difference!

Kerrisdale Community Centre Society (KCCS) has more than 75-years of history in delivering recreational, social and artistic programs and services to the Kerrisdale community.

Kerrisdale is a strong and evolving neighbourhood with ever-changing needs. It’s a strong community that relies on its own resources – its people! KCCS offers a great opportunity for you to play an active role in meeting the needs of the Kerrisdale community.

Do you have energy and insight to offer?  Are you creative, diversely-skilled and community-oriented? If so, then consider getting involved and become a board member of the society.

Apply today.


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