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Wushu Level 2+ Novice-Intermediate

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September 11, 2023 - December 11, 2023

Day & Time:
M 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Auditorium at Kerrisdale Community Centre, 5851 West Boulevard

Age Group:
7-55 years

Age Range:

Category: Martial Arts

Program Description:

Event Description:

Wushu, a form of Chinese Martial Arts, is an exciting and modern way of performing the art of fighting. Although many people are unfamiliar with Wushu, this style has gained recognition through Hollywood action films. Our classes will focus on developing a positive attitude, discipline, and respect. Wushu helps develop co-ordination, balance, strength, stamina, and flexibility while learning the fundamentals of basic fighting concepts such as punching, kicking, blocking, and weapons training. Prerequisite for this class is Wushu Beginners, testing required. Drop in available if space permits.


A $5 processing fee will be charged for all program refunds and transfers. 48 hours notice is required and there will be no refunds granted after the scheduled second class.

$189/14 sess


About the Instructor

Candice Wong