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Tai Chi 32 Sword Set - Trial Class

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April 4, 2024 - April 4, 2024

Day & Time:
Th 10:05 AM to 11:05 AM

Room 015 at *Kerrisdale Community Centre, 5851 West Boulevard

Age Group:
19+ yrs

Age Range:

Category: Martial Arts

Program Description:

Event Description:

Tai Chi Sword is an internationally known art. In modern times this art is practiced only to enhance mental focus and physical health. Not only will it enhance the eye-hand coordination, it will also strengthen the wrist, arms, legs, shoulders and waist.Tai Chi Sword 32 is a standardized routine that is suitable for beginners. All Tai Chi Swords used in this class are harmless replicas. The blades are not sharp and are safe to handle.


A $5 processing fee will be charged for all program refunds and transfers. 48 hours notice is required and there will be no refunds granted after the scheduled second class.

$5/1 sess


About the Instructor

Lai Chun Cheung