Arts Unite Workshop – Nov 17

How do Artists Help Communities Build Earthquake Resilience?

As unlikely as it may seem, 
artists, past and present, are contributing to mitigate a risk, promote healing, and build civil society before, during, after emergencies/crises, whether natural, human-made, or technological. Our upcoming community forum The Arts Unite will explore some remarkable stories featuring artists from all over the world. These are stories about artists working to re-imagine and recreate the social and cultural fabric of their communities as they help re-build public infrastructure, heal unspeakable physical and psychological trauma, and give new voice to the forgotten and disappeared. This workshop will explore cultural development strategies used in communities in crises around the world that can be applied by artists and arts organizations facing earthquake and emergency preparedness.

We will premier three short documentary films, featuring the remarkable stories of artists around the globe in all aspects of awareness-raising, socio-economic development, and post-disaster healing. The event will also give participants hands-on opportunities to experience art-based activities while learning about community-building as a central theme in earthquake resilience. There will be an exciting opportunity for everyone to engage with expert guest panelists, as well as a prize draw at the end!

Through this event, VACS aims to raise awareness on the important and often underestimated value and impact of the arts in our societies, and promote “ABCD” (Arts-Based Community Development) in the local scene and beyond. Art is not limited to national museums nor privileged groups, but to all of us. It can play a significant role even in disaster strategies and mitigation through awakening our capacity for resilience and compassion. Come and be amazed!

Save the date: 17 November, Noon to 4 pm Kerrisdale Community Centre – Seniors Centre Multipurpose Room.

Advanced registration with KCC is recommended, while not required, by calling 604-257-8100 (Event # 239789) or visiting the link below:

Brought to you by the Vancouver Arts Colloquium Society (VACS) and the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society (KCCS) as part of Kerrisdale Earthquake & Emergency Preparedness (KEEP) initiatives. The event is open and suitable to people of all ages, gender, race, and ability.

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