Updated Information Pertaining to Kerrisdale’s response to COVID-19 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to keep the board posted with how the center is responding. As indicated in information from the Public Health Agency the risk in BC remains low however we are taking precautionary measures outlined below: 

  • VEMA states the risk to be low at this low and as such the workplace is considered safe.
  • We have increased our day time cleaning staffing levels to focus on high traffic areas and common touchpoints; counters tops, doorknobs, rails, soap dispensers, fitness centre equipment, etc. These additional cleaning shifts will begin on Monday and will be taking place 7 days per week.
  • Staff are reminded to follow our standard cleaning procedures – use spray bottles with diluted product and paper towel as per Building Worker use. Wet rags/towels should not be used. Only Building and Maintenance staff should be using product dispensers.
  • An SOP on how to safely sanitize personal space and high touch contact points has been circulated to staff.
Personal Health: 
  • Staff are encouraged to wash their hands very often and to keep their workstations clean. 
  • All employees and contractors should be staying home if they have COVID-19 symptoms which include fever, coughing, headache and/or shortness of breath/difficulty breathing. Employees should call 811 for advice or seek medical attention.

As noted today staff have been given the following directives from the City of Vancouver: 

  • Business Travel –The province has also strongly recommended that non-essential travel outside of BC be cancelled. Last week we restricted international business travel. The City’s business travel restrictions have now been extended to no travel by air or ferry including within BC. Business travel is to be limited to the Metro Vancouver area and only by vehicle or transit.
  • Personal Travel –With the recent direction from the Provincial Health Officer to stop non-essential travel outside of Canada, we would like to make clear the City’s guidance on this. If you do choose to travel outside of Canada, you will need to self-isolate for 14 days upon your return. You would not be able to return to your workplace and would need to either work from home, take additional vacation or other time banks, or leave without pay.
Pools & Rinks: 
  • An action plan has been put in place for all pools as to not exceed 250 participants. 
  • Saunas and Steam Room are closed effective immediately until further notice.
Spring Break Day Camps: 

Spring Break Day Camps will continue until otherwise notified by VEMA / VCH 

  • Guideline and best practices to implement:
    –     Participants wash hands at start and end of day, and before and after each activity
    –     Try to impose some sort of social distancing –break into smaller groups, provide more space between children, etc.
    –     Continue to check on out trip venues to see status of operations –have a backup plan
    –     Leaders to assist in cleaning touch pints, eg. Door handles, tabletops, etc.
    –     Ensure children are covering their coughs and sneezes, and washing hands right afterwards
    –     If children report that they are feeling sick –note symptoms and notify parents
    –     Ensure that kids do not share food, water bottles or other personal items
  • We are actively following the province’s direction, and cancelling or postponing all public gatherings of more than 250 people. Currently, Kerrisdale does not have any events or rentals with more than 250 people in attendance.
  • Events that have less than 250 people should follow the same guidelines as described for the Spring Break Day Camps.

Example –Seniors Special Lunch –patrons will have to use hand sanitizer / or wash hands prior to entering space, social distancing, less patrons at a table together, more space around each person and sanitize or wash hands at the end of the event. 

  • The Kerrisdale Arena Recycling Drop off event scheduled for March 21 has been postponed. Rescheduled event dates will be posted, when available, at vancouver.ca/dropoff 
  • The Park Board continues to be flexible on its refund policies pertaining to requests specific to COVID-19. Please continue to use your discretion while providing full refunds for Park Board related programs and services. 
  • We are extending the expiry date of our current Flexipass offers to MAY 31st, 2020:
    –     “Purchase a 3 Month Flexipass and receive an extra month free” coupon (previous expiry date was March 15th)
    –     “$50 dollar off a 5 session personal training package” coupon (previous expiry date was March 15th)
    –     $10 Gift Card coupons (previous expiry date was March 31st)
  • Flexipass refunds we will pro-rate from the day of request but will consider prior use. Additional pass extension related to the pandemic can be granted. 
  • At the moment the Societies’ refund policy and practice remains the same.
  • For work – all business-related travel has been cancelled. 
  • Personal travel – it is up to staff to decide if they will travel. If they choose to travel outside Canada, on their return they will be required to self-isolate for 14 days upon their arrival.
    –     Take additional vacation
    –     Use other quotas (not sick time unless the employee is indeed sick)
    –     Take leave without pay

The situation is fluid but as of now, the risk is still considered LOW. We continue to take additional precautions for public and staff, Park Board Communications has created an issues banner on the existing facilities webpage. The general public can see current updates here: http://vancouver.ca/parks-recreation-culture/recreation-facility-hours.aspx 

Ian Broadbent 
Supervisor, Kerrisdale Community Centre


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