Arts Film Series-Sep 10

Kerrisdale Contemporary Arts Lab Film Series –
Ingmar Berman’s The Magician

Monday September 10, 6:30 PM-9:00 PM Free (19+ yrs)

Bergman’s profound and entertaining masterpiece is set in 19th century Sweden. Max van Sydow stars as the hypnotist/illusionist, Albert Emmanuel Vogler. With four assistants, he travels by horse-drawn carriage from town to town, performing his magic. Along the way, he meets a dying actor, Johan Spegel (“mirror” in Swedish). Vogler is morbidly obsessed with death, and Spegel promises to describe it. He dies in Vogler’s arms. Nearing a town, the party is met by the police chief, who has heard dark rumours about Vogler and commands him to perform before the mayor and the town doctor. Doubles and reflections enrich this dissection of the magic of the artist. 1958, B&W, 101 min., subtitled in English. A discussion follows, led by filmmakers Ana Carizales and Daniel Conrad.


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