Kerrisdale Community Centre is Life-Changing

Just back from an active vacation in the UK and Croatia, Janet Polonijo immediately credited the Kerrisdale Community Centre with helping her to take that type of holiday. “I have a personal trainer and am in the exercise room several times a week,” she explained. “Being able to work out here has been instrumental in keeping me fit and healthy – and getting me to a point where I can take a vacation that includes being very active

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A Sense of Belonging

When Mary Anne Davies moved back to Vancouver in 2005, after several decades in Ontario, she knew she wanted to live in the Kerrisdale area – and that she wanted to be involved in the community. And she is very involved. Mary Anne is the Past Chairperson for the Seniors’ Council and is a former Senior Council Representative on the Kerrisdale Community Centre Board. Well-spoken, poised and elegant, Mary Anne says that she feels a

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The Language of Community with Kevin Wong

Kevin Wong can often be found playing snooker in the billiards room at the Kerrisdale Community Centre. “The snooker table is an important part of social interaction here at the community centre,” he explained. “It gives quite a few of us an opportunity to connect on several levels – playing the game, the banter and conversation with the other players, and knowing that you can always find someone here to shoot a game. It is

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A Welcoming Place to Land

For mom and daughter duo, Alison and Bella Verghese, the Kerrisdale Community Centre is a big part of their lives. When their family emigrated from Australia to Canada several years ago for her husband’s career advancement, Alison said it was initially tough because she was unable to work while waiting for her permanent resident status. Moving to a new country can feel overwhelming and lonely, especially when you don’t know anyone. When they moved into

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A Family Affair

It’s clear that for Dennis Healey, going to the Kerrisdale Community Centre is truly a family affair. Dennis is a regular at the centre (he uses the fitness centre six times a week) – and almost everyone that passes by waves hello or stops to chat with him. In addition, both his wife and son used to work at the centre and are still members. He laughs: “We have all been here a lot over

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