The Future World Changers: 2017 Vancouver Regional Heritage Fair

Vancouver Regional Heritage Fair 2017, held on Saturday May 20, 2017 at Kerrisdale Community Centre, was something that Vancouver, and Canada, should be proud of. Under the visionary leadership of Janet Morley at Vancouver Regional Heritage Fair, families, educators, and communities worked together in partnership to support children’s learning and to nurture their fundamental sense of self. We witnessed firsthand how art connects us together and affects culture and community. “Meet” the future world changers

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Who is Rebecca Salters? An artist behind Drama Bugs at the Kerrisdale Community Centre

Engagement with the arts and arts-based programs is a new primary focus of the Kerrisdale Community Centre in the coming year. As such, the Playbook is highlighting a few instructors already running arts-based programs to showcase their efforts and emphasize the wonderful effects of their programs. I had the honour of talking to one of these instructors, Rebecca Salters. Who is Rebecca Salters? Currently, Rebecca runs a program called Drama Bugs at the Kerrisdale Community

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An Indigenous Perspective of Reconciliation and Art-Kerrisdale Playbook

In September Issue of Kerrisdale Playbook, our community engagement e-zine, we have an excellent article entitled “An Indigenous Perspective of Reconciliation and Art” featuring Dr. Mique’l Dangeli, an Indigenous visual and performing artist who holds a PhD in Northwest Coast First Nations art history -absolutely must-read. READ THE WHOLE STORY

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Youthful Leadership

As volunteer Co-Chair of the Youth Committee, Johnson Li leads by example. A bright young man, he has decided to make a difference in his community by helping others to lead. Currently, he is working with members of the Board and others on the Youth Committee to create programs that help youth build leadership and career skills. A few years ago, Johnson decided to improve his lifestyle and started to go to the Kerrisdale Community

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A Ray of Sunshine and Inspiration

An inspirational person who is full of happiness and joy, Nora Hinton started coming to the community centre 15 years ago, after she had a stroke. She believes that the Kerrisdale Community Centre played a big part in her recovery. With her caregiver, Anita, Nora visits the community centre at least once a day, and her sunny disposition and quick smile have become well-known here. Nora has taken pottery classes (which she loves!), swims, goes

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