Wushu; a Chinese Martial Arts at Kerrisdale Community Centre. Develop basic punching and kicking techniques while teaching them discipline, respect, and self confidence.

Wushu, Chinese Martial Arts

Wushu; a Chinese Martial Arts at Kerrisdale Community Centre Wushu, a form of Chinese Martial Arts, is an exciting and modern way of performing the art of fighting. This style has gained recognition through the Hollywood action films. Our classes will focus on developing a positive attitude, discipline, and respect. Wushu helps develope co-ordination, balance, strength, stamina, and flexibility while learning the fundamentals of basic fighting concepts such as punching, kicking, blocking, and weapons training.

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JOA Update Fall 2018

JOA Update Fall 2018 It is my pleasure to provide this report to Society members and others in the greater Kerrisdale community.  After more than seven years of very difficult discussion, consultation, and legal actions I can now report that the Society has finalized and signed the new operating agreement (the Joint Operating Agreement or JOA) with the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation (Park Board). The final step in this process was to negotiate

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Group Fitness Classes

Aerobics Classes Designed for All Levels Get Fit in a Group Class Try something new or push yourself to a new level of strength and health. Choose Classic Stretch, Cardio Step, Gentle Fit, Cardio Combo and many more options to choose from. Our energetic instructors make classes fun, welcoming and suitable for every level. Get the latest schedule here

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