Summer is still on! Check out these upcoming August camps!

Children & Youth


Kings, Queens & Castles Drawing Workshop 6-12 yrs

Join Young Rembrandts as we travel back in time to the Middle Ages for our Castle Workshop. Princesses, knights, castles, and even dragons highlight the spectacular drawings our students will produce. Not only will our students learn how to illustrate period-specific characters and scenes, but they will also strengthen their drawing and colouring skills. From knights in shining armor to elegantly-dressed maidens, our students will learn how to compose a well-drawn figure. Get ready for five days of exciting, medieval imagery!
M-F 9:00 am-12:00 pm Aug 13-Aug 17
REGISTER HERE 167867 $180/5 sess
Instructor: Young Rembrandts

Game Ready Volleyball All Stars Coed 8-11 yrs

All the basic skills for the volleyball beginner will be covered in this camp including setting, bumping and serving. Good team organization will also be developed. Fun and motivation, along with games and tournaments, will be a big part of the program.
M-F 1:15 pm-4:45 pm Aug 13-Aug 17
REGISTER HERE 167780 $185/5 sess
Instructor: Dino Geremia & Amanda Matsui

Game Ready Volleyball Elite Coed 11-14 yrs

In this camp, all of the skills necessary for success on the volleyball court will be developed. High intensity drills will challenge youth to improve their play. Treats, incentives, and fun will motivate the participants to work hard. Competitions and tournaments will be part of this advanced program. Introductory play systems will be covered along with spike hit progressions.
M-F 1:15 pm-4:45 pm Aug 13-Aug 17
REGISTER HERE 167781 $185/5 sess
Instructor: Dino Geremia & Amanda Matsui

Painting and Drawing 7-12 yrs

This camp is designed to engage students in the drawing process and developing their visual perception using various mediums. Focusing on line, proportion, light, texture, colour and surface, students will produce sketches, portraits and working drawings using observational drawings from the figure, as well as from a variety of natural and man-made objects.
M-F 2:45 pm-4:00 pm Aug 13-Aug 17
REGISTER HERE 167406 $43/5 sess
Instructor: Sharon Lee

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