Park Board April 2017 Proposal: Meetings and Discussions, May – September 2017

At two public meetings in June 2017, Kerrisdale’s community instructed the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society (KCCS) to make every effort over the summer to secure needed changes to the April 2017 Park Board proposal. If such efforts were to prove unsuccessful, meeting attendees agreed the KCCS should not agree to the proposal and instead resume our court case.  

The timeline below is a summary of the efforts made by KCCS to engage with Park Board Commissioners and staff over the June-September period. This includes a brief background from April and May for context.

April 28:

Park Board Commissioners approved a proposal developed by its own staff for a new community centre operating agreement. It set a September 30, 2017 deadline for signing by all community centre associations (CCAs).

May 17:

Park Board sent Kerrisdale Community Centre Society (KCCS) an invoice for $966,105 in staffing costs covering the years 2011-2017, and stipulated payment is required before the KCCS can sign the April 2017 proposal.

June 6:

KCCS advised Park Board that, based on our documentation and legal advice, we believe we do not owe these monies, and asked Park Board to document its invoice.  As of September 1, Park Board staff have not provided any such documentation.

May 30:

KCCS and other CCAs met with legal counsel retained by a group of 14 CCAs who have been working together to get an effective agreement.  Legal counsel advised that this was not a good agreement, but that it was unlikely the Park Board would make any further changes

June 20:

KCCS held two information meetings at the Centre to update the Kerrisdale community on the Park Board’s actions, and to explain KCCS concerns with the Board’s proposal.  The community overwhelmingly agreed changes were needed to the Park Board’s April proposal before it could be accepted.  If changes were not forthcoming, the community recommended KCCS continue its civil suit against the Park Board.

June 21 – 30:

Posters and information sheets were posted around the Centre urging members to contact Park Board commissioners. Many did, and received form letters from Park Board staff in return.

June 29:

The KCCS president wrote the Park Board chair, Michael Wiebe, outlining the feedback received at the Kerrisdale community meetings and requesting he meet with the KCCS executive.

June 30:

KCCS and two other CCAs involved in the civil suit against the Park Board received a legal opinion on the Park Board’s proposal.  This lawyer raised numerous concerns with the proposal and suggested changes to make it a fair and mutually beneficial operating agreement.

June 27 and July 26:

The KCCS executive met with Donnie Rosa, Director of Recreation, to discuss the Park Board’s invoice, the impact of the April proposal on seniors’ kitchen licencing, and other issues. Park Board staff indicated they could not discuss any changes to the April proposal.

July 29:

Kerrisdale, Killarney and Hastings CCAs submitted a document to Park Board com-missioners listing seven main concerns with its April 2017 proposal and suggesting needed remedies.

July 30: 

KCCS “president’s message” in the KCCS fall 2017 program brochure outlined CCA concerns with the April proposal.

July 31: 

Commissioner Wiebe telephoned the KCCS president seeking clarification of our concerns.

August 14:

Ten CCAs met with Commissioners Wiebe and Shum.  There was a frank exchange of views; the two commissioners stated they would discuss our concerns with other commissioners.

September 6:

Donnie Rosa, Director of Recreation sent a letter to all CCAs that does not fully address the concerns with the April 2017 proposal that have been raised.

September 9:

Only two of twenty CCAs has signed the April proposal. At least ten CCAs are planning community meetings in September.

September 12:

Twelve CCAs sent a letter to Park Board commissioners advising that they are not comfortable with recommending their Boards of Directors sign the April 2017 proposal.

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