Over 300 members of the Kerrisdale community turned out at two meetings Tuesday, June 20 to learn about the agreement Park Board wants us to sign. There was overwhelmingly strong support for asking Park Board to revisit the agreement it’s offering.

Great crowd turnout to both sessions of yesterday’s Community Meetings. We heard your feedback on the Joint Operating agreement. We are listening to YOU and trust Park Board are too. Thank you for your support KERRISDALE! Kathleen Bigsby, President




We appreciate how our community has supported us for the past five years as we have fought this challenging and frustrating battle. Your e-mails, letters, tweets and calls to Park Board Commissioners have worked. You’ve come out to community meetings. You are a vital part of our getting this far in the process.

Please call 3-1-1 and tell the Park Board that you want them to speak to us about the changes we need to see in the document before we can sign the agreement.

Please click here for sample tweets and e-mail copy to send to the Park Board.

Park Board Commissioners are elected officials. In the simplest terms, they work for the residents of Vancouver. While we always encourage you to be respectful and considerate, it is also important to clearly communicate that you, as a community member, are unhappy with the proposed Joint Operating Agreement presented to the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society.

It is important that we tell them – in a manner that is loud and clear – what we want in this contract, and demand that they listen to us.

Tell them that the Kerrisdale community doesn’t want a bunch of Park Board bureaucrats running our community centre. We want to keep the community in our community centre.

It might not seem like it, but we have made great progress. However, we need to do more – and we need to do it right now. And we need your help.

If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail us at:

Write to Park Board Commissioners:

Mail: 2099 Beach Avenue
Vancouver BC V6G 1Z4


Twitter: @ParkBoard




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