Added Skating Lessons at Kerridale Arena

Due to the Sunset Ice Rink Closure

We have accommodated two of their instructors!
As a result  the some classes have been changed and the following classes have been added:

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(Copy the program code below (e.g. 191966) to search. They will sell out fast!

191965  Skating – Adult Beginner: Time 4:15pm

191966  Skating – Child 1: Time 2:00pm

192055  Skating – Child 1:Time3:45pm

191969  Skating – Child 2: Time3:45pm

192057  Skating – Child 3: Time 4:45pm

191967  Skating – Preschool 1: Time1:30pm

191968  Skating – Preschool 1:Time 3:00pm

192056  Skating – Preschool 1: Time 4:15pm

Private  lessons: Times 2:30pm & 4:45pm


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