2018 Workshop Calendar

Pre-registration is required for all workshops. Call 604-257-8100 to confirm your space.




Let’s Enjoy Ikebana, Floral Art for Beginners 19+ yrs

Get a taste of flower arrangement in Japanese style. Ikebana were not only elegant but could reflect the beauty of nature and the feelings in our heart. Learn about the history, theory and technique of Ikebana. Ikebana starts from depiction of nature but not simply an imitation of nature. When we sense plant’s unspoken words and their silent movements we express our impressions through an art called Ikebana. Fee includes tools and materials.
Th 10:00 am-1:00 pm Jul 12
168967 $60/1 sess
Instructor:Margaret Ng


Japanese Manuscript Bookbinding 19+ yrs

Learn how to make a beautiful box in using a historical Japanese method. Beautiful decorative paper and book cloth are used to finish a roughly 6″ × 4″ × 2″ box with a bone clasp closure. No experience is required. Each student will finish a Japanese Box. No handouts will be provided. Students are encouraged to take notes and photos.
Sa 12:00 pm-3:00 pm Jul 14
168969 $53/1 sess
Instructor:Suzan Lee


Short Story Workshop – Full Course 19+ yrs

Each week, we’ll read and discuss a recently published short story. We’ll also consider it from a writer’s point of view, i.e., Why was this written and selected for publication? Learn to develop an ear for description, characterization, and dialogue. Be inspired to use your feelings, truths, and experiences to write a piece that’s equally worthy of attention. Contact the instructor at sparrowpr1@gmail.com.
M 1:00 pm-3:00 pm Jul 16-Aug 27
169138 $78/6 sess Adult Rate $98
Instructor: Joseph Sparovec


Unlocking the Mysteries of Hearing Aids 19+ yrs

Dr. Katarina Vavrovicova (audiologist) answers all your questions about hearing aids. What to look for when buying your first or next pair of hearing aids. Hearing aid styles and features (including samples!). Hearing aid benefits & limitations. Getting the most out of your hearing aids.
W 11:00 am-12:00 pm Jul 18


World Music Workshop 16+ yrs

World Music has become one of the main influences of popular music and culture today. I would provide an exciting, unique educational musical experience, designed for all levels. In this interactive workshop you will see a wide variety of instruments, whole group participation, choreography and cooperative and active learning. We will play traditional instruments from Africa, Brazil and Cuba along with ensemble dynamics & melodic rhythm patterns. The participants will join David (facilitator) playing the instruments used in African Ceremonies & Brazilian Carnival. Then we will also learn basic dance movements and choreography. We will experience enjoyment, exploration, diversity: self-expression, culture, musical styles, music dynamics and a fun filled time.
Sa 1:30 pm-2:30 pm Jul 21
170641 $10/1 sess
Instructor:David DiTomaso


The Pelvic Floor Exercise Routine 19+ yrs

Join Naomi Wolfman, Continence RN for this workshop where you will learn how to tone your pelvic floor with a mat and upright exercises! Bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing.
Sa 10:00 am-11:00 am Jul 28-Aug 11
168918 $59/3 sess
Instructor:Naomi Wolfman


Coptic Sketchbook Bookbinding Workshop 19+ yrs

Learn to construct a sketchbook using ancient Egyptian bookbinding technique. The spine is exceptionally flexible yet strong; ideal for sketchbooks of all sizes and papers.
Sa 12:00 pm-3:00 pm Jul 28
168970 $53/1 sess
Instructor:Suzan Lee


Let’s Enjoy Ikebana, Floral Art for Beginners 19+ yrs

See column 1 for detailed course description. Fee includes all necessary tools and materials
Su 12:30 pm-3:30 pm Aug 12
168968 $60/1 sess
Instructor:Margaret Ng


Licensing Issues for Senior Drivers 19+ yrs

Presented by COSCO. For various reasons, people may be ordered to have their driving skills assessed. One of those reasons is reaching the age of 80. The workshop describes how aging may affect driving skills, and suggests how to compensate. The BC assessment process is described in detail, and participants are advised how to do their best in the various testing situations they may face. Everyone is welcome! Free but please pre-register.
Tu 10:30 am-12:00 pm Aug 14

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