JOA Update Fall 2018

It is my pleasure to provide this report to Society members and others in the greater Kerrisdale community. After more than seven years of very difficult discussion, consultation, and legal actions I can now report that the Society has finalized and signed the new operating agreement (the Joint Operating Agreement or JOA) with the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation (Park Board).

The final step in this process was to negotiate an acceptable settlement of an unprecedented Park Board invoice for staffing costs at the Centre dating back to 2011. Details of the Park Board invoice for staffing costs were discussed in the last President’s report (Summer 2018). The issue was settled for approximately one third of the amount that the Park Board was demanding. We are pleased with this settlement as it approximated no more than the amount the Society would have paid for staff costs had Park Board not taken unilateral steps in 2012 to shift labour costs from the Park Board to the Society…………..More info

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Kerrisdale Community Centre is one of the earliest community centres to be built in Vancouver, Kerrisdale Community Centre was constructed in 1952.

An indoor pool, exercise room, gymnasium, public library and seniors’ wing comprise the main building complex with Kerrisdale’s Cyclone Taylor Skating Arena (with summer indoor play area ‘The Kerrisdale Play Palace’) sited just two blocks away.


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